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Medical, surgical, and dentistry care

Our comprehensive veterinary services encompass medical, surgical, and dentistry care, ensuring the well-being of dogs and cats through expert and compassionate healthcare.


Protect your furry companions with our tailored vaccination programs, providing dogs and cats with essential immunizations to safeguard against preventable diseases and promote their long-term health. 


Ensure the well-being of your pets by opting for our responsible spay/neuter services, contributing to their overall health, behavior, and the prevention of unwanted litters.

General surgery

Trust our experienced veterinary team to perform precise and compassionate general surgery for dogs and cats, addressing a wide range of medical conditions to promote their health and quality of life.

Our Services

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Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, our veterinary clinic offers diagnostic excellence through X-ray services for dogs and cats, enabling accurate assessments to guide effective treatment plans. 


Enhance the healing process for your pets with our specialized casting services, providing tailored support and care for dogs and cats recovering from orthopedic conditions or injuries.


Committed to the ethical treatment of animals, our veterinary practice refrains from offering declawing services for dogs and cats, prioritizing alternative, humane approaches to address behavioral concerns.

All lab tests

Ensure comprehensive health assessments for your pets with our extensive range of laboratory tests, designed to diagnose and monitor conditions in dogs and cats for informed and effective veterinary care.

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Wojciech Urban

Graduated from Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences in Poland, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in 1976. He practiced small and large animal medicine for nine years in Poland before coming to United States.

Dr Urban started his veterinary career in Michigan as a veterinary technician at the Professional Veterinary Hospital in Metro Detroit (PVH) and after obtaining his DVM from the Purdue University in 1992 PVH employed him as a vet. Later Dr. Urban worked for the Michigan Humane Society until he opened his own practice in 2001.

Now he enjoys taking care of small animals, mainly cats and dogs. Dr Urban is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association. After work he loves to spend time with his family.

Wuja R.

Our dogs and cats are doctor Urban’s patients since early 2000s. He’s always very knowledgeable and helpful. He explains everything and makes everything clear. We never had any problems. Dr. Urban is a little bit old school and has specific sense of humor, but I would never say he’s rude. After a short experience with another animal hospital (when Dr. Urban was sick and the office was closed) I can tell that the Eastside Veterinary Hospital prices are really reasonable.

Angel C.

I totally put my trust into Mr. URBAN’S hands when it comes to my three pets. I have 2 cats and one dog. All of them are very well taken care of. Whenever my pets need medical attention Mr. Urban is always available. He is a very good, experience and dedicated Veterinarian. Thank you for taking care of all of my 4 legs members of the Pack. ❤️

Nick I.

Very good, fair priced, down to earth vet. Will not charge you anything that is not nessecary to your pets health.